Friday, September 10, 2010

A Day in Pictures

It's been a long, late, incredible day (3 hours of sleep in 36 hours). I still can't believe that somehow I've been able to get onto a plane and land in a world of my dreams. I've uploaded some of the pictures I've taken today, I hope it gives you a flavor of part of what we're experiencing here.

Obligatory picture outside the window of our plane leaving Bradley CT for JFK.

First few pages of my newly christened journal.

Nice shot of the sunrise coming up over the Atlantic.

My first ever view of the Mediterranean (that's the French coast in the background).

The Italian shore creeps up in the foreground, almost to Rome!

More journaling while waiting in Rome for our flight to Thessaloniki.

My Passport after being stamped in Rome.

Close up view of the stamp.

First thing that we did after getting picked up at the airport was get a bird's eye view of the city. Pretty awesome! This is Joshua's home for the next 10 months.

After getting settled a little bit, we were given a tour of the city by the people we are staying with here. This is part of a mural depicting the Macedonian Phalanx tearing people up. Phillip of Macedon and Alexander the Great have statues all over the place here. Phillip's grave is somewhere nearby as well I'm told.

Another shot of the mural, pretty cool if you ask me.

Some legit sized Macedonian pikes. No wonder these guys took over so much of the world.

Two really good looking guys and a randomly inserted biker girl.

Statue of Alexander.

Picture from where we walked looking out into the Mediterranean/Aegean Sea. Thessaloniki is the second largest port in Greece and the city goes right up to the water.

Probably the most famous historical site in the city, it's called the white tower (no longer white) and served as a major part of the old fortifications of the city during Byzantine and Ottoman rule.
It sits atop the harbor and looks out upon the Mediterranean.

Aristotle took up at least temporary residence in Thessaloniki. Here's us (my brothers, our host siblings, and myself) doing our best to show Aristotle how contemplative we are.

Very long story short but apparent there's massive amounts of professional archaists all over Thessaloniki getting ready to do some intense rioting over the next few days. Cops are spralled out all over the city, and some of the crowd started to incite some stuff. They got out signs and bull horns. The riot police didn't do any beat downs, but they were lining the streets incase of an incident.

Here's some of the protesters. There were hundreds of them.

A parting shot of some of the riot police.

That's all for now. Hopefully more to follow. We're going to Phillipi tomorrow to hopefully find Paul's prison there.

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  1. Daniel!!! That's incredible! I'm so stinking jealous! Please keep the posts and pictures coming! Ttyl