Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Athens, City of Wonder and Women Supporting Buildings With Their Heads.

Finally I'm able to post again. Its been a long time and much has happened, but I will try and slowly bring everything back up to date. Unfortunately that means going all the way back to Athens almost two weeks ago. We have hundreds of pictures and I'm trying to use only a handful, so here is about a dozen of many amazing pictures I have of touring an incredibly ancient and significant city.

This is me in front of the school of Plato and Socrates. Like that is the actual school where they taught. Pretty awesome.

Just three good looking guys standing outside where the first modern Olympic games was held.

Me in front of the temple of Zeus.

The Acropolis from afar. We were making our way there. One thing thats really cool about the Acropolis which you can see from this picture is that it was built that high. The acropolis wasn't just on top of the city, they built a huge foundation so it literally sticks out above the town and is visible from almost all of Athens.

The three of us in front of the Parthenon.

Some women putting holding up a building with their heads.

Action shot. Roof wearing women in the foreground.

An awesome theatre that is also on top of the Acropolis.

There were awesome pillars and columns everywhere. I wish I could put all the pictures up here.

Me on Mars Hill with the Acropolis in the background. The entire day was incredible, getting to see so many historically and culturally significant things was mind blowing. I feel like it was just an introduction to our next stop however, Rome.

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